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Buying Eyeglasses Online

When you shop online it is a whole new dimension to shop something and of course if you going to buy an eyewear frame then it could be a challenge. It comes with no surprises that many feel uncertain or even intimidated by it. However, once you get familiar with these simple concept, it`s an easy and highly convenient experience.

Understand your frame size

The first and foremost step in looking for eyewear online is to choose frames with the correct size so that your comfort is not impaired. Your frame size comprises eye, bridge, and temple sizes and is vital in helping you search for suitable eyewear. If you want to know more about frame sizes, our Frame Size Guide is the perfect source of information for you.

Select eyewear according to your face shape

It is important that you choose that eyewear frame that is fits your facial features at its best. our frame size comprises eye, bridge, and temple sizes and is vital in helping you search for suitable eyewear.
For more help, take a look at the handy Handbook of Facial Features on the Eyeweb site.

Look for frames to match your personality

Wherever you go your eyewear certainly say a lot about your identity. Splendid hues exhibit an easygoing and fun aura while dull or nonpartisan shading tones show balance. Essentially, the material of the casing additionally assumes an imperative part in deciding its personality. Regardless of whether you lean toward the interest of energetic, retro, easygoing, or formal casings, has the best alternatives for you!
EyeWeb additionally enables you to for all intents and purposes attempt on different edges with the goal that you can get the ideal casing. Transfer a photograph of yourself here to think about different edges and decide your top pick!

Choosing Lenses

Knowing ahead of time which focal point write you require causes you enter your solution effectively and also pick the right focal point for yourself. To start with, choose whether you require single or multi-central focal points. Single-vision focal points have one restorative power and are typically recommended for the individuals who are either close or far-located, however not both. Multi-central focal points, then again have in excess of one remedial power and are endorsed for individuals with trouble seeing things both very close and far away. Multi-central focal points can be bi-central, tri-central or dynamic.
Next, you ought to choose the three fundamental focal point materials, each with an alternate cost and reason – Plastic, Polycarbonate and High Index.
At long last, pick the focal point covering that you have to add to your focal point. For instance, UV covering, as the name proposes, shields your eyes from the bright radiation of the sun, and AR (against intelligent) covering is prescribed for the individuals who invest a great deal of energy in PC screens.

Understanding and Entering Your Prescription Information

Entering your medicine online is only a question of entering the right numbers in the suitable fields. In the event that you don't discover anything composed for fields, for example, Base and Prism, just leave those fields clear. Pupillary Distance (PD) is similarly as essential as it is neglected by many, so make certain to request that the eye pro record it for you in the Prescription. On the off chance that you don't have the PD on your solution, you can transfer your photograph utilizing our protected adjustment strip and figure this esteem.
For an itemized clarification about understanding your medicine, go to our thorough Prescription Guide.

Enter your payment

Enter your installment data with our protected and secure checkout and we'll deal with the rest for you! Your new eyeglasses will ship to you in 7-10 days relying upon the focal point choices.
Most vision protection designs can halfway or totally repay the cost of your medicine eyewear buy. Make certain to append the eyewear receipt to your protection supplier's repayment shape and present your claim.
If there should be an occurrence of any inquiries, don't hesitate to get in touch with us at

when shopping for Online Eyewear Frames it can be a much smoother task then perhaps running out to an Eyewear Store. EYEWEB can provide a much bigger catalog then your local optician and we can provide additional options to give you greater comfort and protection. When shopping for Online Safety Eyewear the first thing to understand is your frame size which is essential to the comfort of your face. Select the Eyewear which best matches the shape of your face and also be on the lookout for eyewear that can help your personality shine. Then comes the part of choosing your lens, understanding and entering your Prescription values properly and finally pay for your new Online Sunglasses Frames.


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